Warranties on our manufactured Aluminium Barrier Doors, Aluminium Flyscreen Doors and Aluminium Flyscreens

  • Seven years of ‘warranty against defect’ or ‘manufacturers warranty’ of powder-coated aluminium
  • Two years of ‘warranty against defect’ or ‘manufacturers warranty’ on all moving components
  • No warranties are available on any meshing types besides those granted under Australian Consumer Law (ACL)

These warranties on behalf of the manufacturer are not intended to replace those inviolable warranties provided under ACL.

The resultant impact of a successful claim of ‘warranty against defect’ on Aluminium Barrier Doors, Aluminium Flyscreen Doors and Aluminium Flyscreens is a full product replacement only (unless ACL provided for another remedy), with renewed warranty provisions from CDK Screens on the replacement item.

All warranty claims under manufacturers warranty are to be examined via an inspection by a CDK Screens service technician who well make an assessment on approving a replacement. If the product being warranted included installation, CDK Screens will take responsibility for all shipping, delivery and installation expenses. If the product being warranted did not include installation, the claimant is responsible for all shipping, delivery and installation expenses; CDK Screens will only repair the item, and will not participate free-of-charge in the items in situ removal, transit and installation.

Any defects or faults incurred by the item resulting from mistreatment such as not cleaning as recommended, subjecting the item to harsh and corrosive chemicals, applying excessive force and other unreasonable actions, will void all warranties expect those provided under ACL.

Warranties on Prowler Proof Products

All Prowler Proof purchases from CDK Screens come with a remarkable 10 year full replacement warranty. In the event of a successful warranty claim (terms below), the consumer will receive a brand new replacement item, same as purchased, which will be installed by CDK Screens (installation dependent on the item being originally serviced/installed by CDK Screens; if the item being warranted was a supply only, installation by CDK Screens is not included).

Warranty claims will be successful when the product shows defects in workmanship or materials within 10 years from the date of manufacture. Individual components of the product may have different warranty inclusions. Exclusions to the 10 year manufacturers warranty include:

  • Improper use or use other than for residential purposes
  • Deliberate damage
  • Alterations or repairs not made by Prowler Proof
  • Neglect
  • Forced or attempted forced entry
  • Events outside of our control such as fire, flood, earthquake or other natural calamity, motor vehicle or other accident, strike, civil unrest, terrorism or war

No manufacturers warranty policy impacts on, alters or supersedes your rights under ACL. The 10 year ‘warranty against defect’ is a augmentation of your rights.

See full Prowler Proof warranty guidelines

Warranties on Invisi-Gard, Alu-Gard and Vision-Gard Products

A 15-year warranty against defect is available for all Invisi-Gard products and covers the framing and mesh when used in a residential context. The 15 year warranty on Invisi-Gard covers you for the following:

  • Major failure of product when used for advertised purposes- Full Replacement, or Refund
  • Defects in the manufacture or workmanship- Repair or Full Replacement
  • Failure of product not amounting to a Major Failure- Repair or Full Replacement

The 15-year warranty does not replace or alter guarantees given to the consumer by ACL. Powder coat and screen accessories are warranted against by those companies which provide them (i.e. Dulux, Akzo Nobel, Lincoln Sentry). Their company issued warranties are not listed here but any such warranties only serve to augment those rights under ACL.

Refunds and Returns

Your satisfaction is our first priority at CDK screens. If your product is faulty upon receipt, not as described, not of acceptable quality or not fit for purpose; we will gladly refund, repair, exchange or credit the product. Application for such refunds, repairs, exchanges or credits under the circumstances presented above must be initiated within 48 hours of the products receipt by the consumer (unless otherwise provided under ACL).

Refunds on deposits can be made contingent upon the order not being manufactured.

Due to the customised manufacturing process, no exchanges, refunds or credits will issued for change of mind circumstances.