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General FAQs

I have dry cement on my window frames and glass and would like to get it off without damage to aluminium powdercoating or glass. Can you please help?

Use plenty of water and let it soak onto the cement. Gradually lift off the cement from the frame or glass using a sponge or rag. Keep reapplying water until it dissolve the cement particles and wiping it clean with a sponge or rag. Do not use … Continue reading

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How do I make a choice for windows and doors when choosing between aluminium and timber?

The most difficult part of any construction decisions for owners is the selection of windows and doors. In particular the base material to be used, that is aluminium or timber. All projects will incur personal choices, difficult for others to recommend product. The initial choices are: Style … Continue reading

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What is NFRC and what has it got to do with WERS?

NFRC stands for the National Fenestration Rating Council which is an international rating organisation. NFRC ratings are internationally recognised and the Australian Building Code of Australia (BCA) has moved to utilising the NFRC ratings in the WERS program through the Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC). NFRC ratings … Continue reading

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What is WERS?

WERS stands for Window Energy Rating Scheme and is managed by the Australian Window Association (AWA). WERS was introduced in conjunction with the Australian Federal Government’s Australian Greenhouse Office and industry incentive as part of their commitment to improve Australia’s energy efficiency by reducing greenhouse gas emission … Continue reading

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My double hung windows do not slide up and down anymore but fall when I try to open them?

This means that the window spirals/balances need to be changed. When you replace them it is advisable that you open the window (top and bottom sashes) on a regular basis (eg fortnightly) to help them last longer.

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My sliding doors and windows are 5 years old and do not slide properly. Why is this so and what do I need to do to prevent this happening?

It sounds like your sliding windows and doors rollers need to be changed due to wear and tear. Some tips on preventing the rollers from dragging is by vacuuming the sill of the windows and doors regularly getting rid of any dust, dirt and dead insects which … Continue reading

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Values & Commitments

CDK are proud of our highly skilled workforce, exemplified by a number of our staff whose families have worked for us through the generations.

Our workforce is further complimented by our specialist sub-contractors who we have known and worked with for many years.

Bushfire Attack Levels

In the Australian Standards As 3959, they have classified different bushfire intensity levels that a home may experience during a bushfire.

These are referred to as Bushfire Attack Levels, or BAL’s for short.

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