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Update on the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

New policies for compliance with Stage 4 restrictions

In accordance with new public health order directives from the Chief Health Officer of Victoria and the State of Disaster declaration in Victoria, colloquially referred to as ‘stage 4’, the following company policies are now in force:

  • For the duration stage 4 no installation or in-person services can be provided by CDK Screens (this includes all repairs and maintenance work), therefore all installation and service jobs for duration of stage 4 have been cancelled.
  • For the duration of Stage 4 we are offering contact-less delivery services for all our customers, and contact-less pick up services for our Trade customers only. You may give permission to CDK Screens to deliver goods by contact-less delivery, or alternatively if you are a Trade you select contact-less pick-up from our facility in Cranbourne.
  • If you elect to use contact-less delivery, and measurements are required for the manufacture of the indicated goods and services, a signed waiver must be submitted along with full-payment and the applicable measurement. Only then, once wavier, measurements and payment is received, can the goods be supplied. This is applicable to all our customers, including those on account terms.
  • We are in the process of putting together some video tutorials on how to install some of our most common items (Flyscreens and Flydoors) for you at home to follow. A link to these video tutorials will be uploaded here once they are available.

Protocol for contact-less delivery:

  • Purchase your products, in full, either by phone or email, then submit relevant documents via the online form indicated below.
  • A discounted delivery fee will be charged.
  • Your products will be dropped by our driver at a predetermined location.
  • A notification of successful delivery will sent by text or phone; inclusive of images proving delivery at the specified location. Delivery can be coordinated with the receiver (still keeping no contact) to minimise risk to the welfare of the goods. We understand this style of delivery is undesirable, but it is all we have remaining to us.
  • By accepting contact-less delivery services from CDK Screens you are accepting liability for the welfare of goods immediately following their successful delivery. CDK Screens is not responsible for any theft, damage or displacement of goods once delivered.
  • All deliveries must occur well within the hours of 5am – 8pm to comply with curfew.
  • Contact-less pick-up for Trades: your goods will be placed in a secure bay immediately prior to your indicated time of arrival, goods will be packaged comprehensively labelled.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. As you can appreciate the situation in Victoria is fluid and changing, and as a consequence the way we do business is changing.

We remain committed to your serving you in what ever format remains available to us. We also remain committed to your safety. Please contact our office with any inquiries or concerns.

How to submit measurements for manufacture and subsequent contact-less delivery

To compensate for the inability of CDK Screens to site measure jobs, customers can instead submit their own parameters to CDK Screens. These measurements can pertain to flyscreens, flydoors and security doors.

The process for submitting measurements to CDK Screens for manufacture is as follows:

  • Download the CDK Measure Sheet document (found below). This document contains three sections: Window Measure Sheet, Hinged Door Measure Sheet and Sliding Door Measure Sheet.
  • Please fill in the document in all relevant areas. For example if you are measuring a house lot of flyscreens, fill in the window measure sheet. For flydoors and sliding security doors you need the sliding door measure sheet. For hinged doors you need hinged door measure sheet.
  • Note the measurements you cite will determine the final size of the screen (the aluminum frame) and they should be in millimetres.
  • For flyscreens, please indicate the window manufacturer for each item, and the framing width you prefer: either 9mm or 11mm.
  • The relevant waiver MUST be signed and submitted by the invoice recipient (the customer). This form can be downloaded below.
  • The waiver precludes CDK Screens from any liabilities associated with customers submitting measurement sheets (colours and mesh types in addition) that are erroneous in their detail such that the final screening product doesn’t fit or is in the wrong colour and/or mesh type.
  • CDK Screens, and our third party partners, will manufacture the products you desire entirely based upon the measure sheet you submit to us. So to avoid disappointment, please ensure you are confident the measurements, colours and selected meshing types are correct.

Erroneous measurement waiver form

CDK Measure-sheet

We Can See You When Stage 4 Restrictions End

Stage 3 Restrictions – a COVID normal

In line with the state of emergency declaration in Victoria on March 16, and related public health orders issued by the Chief Health Officer under The Public Health and Wellness Act 2008, CDK Screens has updated it’s company policies to comply with, and augment, these edicts.

All staff now must follow the following guidelines:

  • Social distancing of 1.5m at all available opportunities
  • Wearing masks in the workplace
  • Regular hand washing and sanitizing
  • Avoid work if feeling sick
  • Self isolate for 14 days if they’ve come into contact with a confirmed case
  • The wearing of surgical masks and gloves when requested by customers
  • All staff are encouraged to download the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe app

How will our staff interact with you at home?

CDK Screens takes it’s responsibility to slow the spread of Coronavirus seriously. We have therefore put in place a collection of policies to keep both you and our staff safe when we visit your home.

When restrictions ease, all clients will be asked a series of questions upon booking a site measure or installation service with us, an example of which is published below

In the last 14 days have you, or someone you have regular close contact with:

  • Displayed any flu-like symptoms including fever, cough, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties?
  • Been a contact of a confirmed case of SARS-CoV-2?
  • Awaiting a result from a coronavirus test?
  • Recently returned from overseas?
  • Been placed in mandatory quarantine?

An answer of YES to any of the above questions will disqualify a customer from receiving in-person services from us, up until an answer of NO can be entered in it’s place. All of our staff are held to the same standards. We encourage all of our customers to download the COVIDSafe app to help health authorities contact trace and contain the disease.

We hope to re-open our showroom and offices to the public again soon…

Showroom Opening Hours:

8:30am - 4:00pm 8:30am - 4:00pm 8:30am - 4:00pm 8:30am - 4:00pm 8:30am - 4:00pm
Map_Icon View Showroom Location.

Values & Commitments

CDK are proud of our highly skilled workforce, exemplified by a number of our staff whose families have worked for us through the generations.

Our workforce is further complimented by our specialist sub-contractors who we have known and worked with for many years.

Bushfire Attack Levels

In the Australian Standards As 3959, they have classified different bushfire intensity levels that a home may experience during a bushfire.

These are referred to as Bushfire Attack Levels, or BAL’s for short.

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